Why you shouldn't worry about the scales

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In regard to overall health, body weight is not nearly as important as the composition of weight. Rather than tracking body weight you should be more aware of your body composition.

What is body composition? In physical fitness body composition is used to work out the percentage of muscle, fat and bone mass in the body. Two people who weigh the same can have completely different body shapes.

It is hard to avoid getting stuck in the trap of constantly stepping on those scales. It can become very unhealthy especially when some are willing to do anything just to see that pin move down.

Generally when people say they want to lose weight it means they want to lose body fat, look leaner, feel fitter and healthier. Focusing on just the weight alone will not help it that aspect.

Our bodies are constantly changing even just throughout the day, there are too many variables that can cause weight gain/deduction

For example:


-water level

-muscle mass


-leptin resistance

-Bowel movements



Body composition can be estimated through various techniques from field-based tests requiring only a calculator or tape measure, to advanced medical testing. Common methods used to estimate body composition include measurements of height, weight and girths.

With today's technology a lot of local gyms now have access to a digital body composition scale. So if you are serious in wanting to see changes in your body it is definitely worth getting composition testing done.

Information source: Written By Jason Wisniewski

Fit College-Introduction to Exercise Science

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