How to fix a posterior pelvic tilt

A Posterior Pelvic Tilt is where the pelvis is rotated backwards from the ideal neutral position.


4/19/2021 1 min read

A Posterior Pelvic Tilt is where the pelvis is rotated backwards from the ideal neutral position.

Without a natural curve in your lower back, you may be placing your lower back at a higher risk of developing:

disc bulges

nerve issue

muscular strains

People get a pelvic tilt by the following, slouching when standing, bending forward and sitting too long. 

Here are the steps to fixing a pelvic tilt.

Release tight muscles i.e Massage ball


Joint Mobility exercises 

Activate muscles

Strengthening exercises

Maintain neutral pelvis

The article is in no way medical advice and should not be treated as such, if you a dealing with any medical conditions please refer to advice from a medical professional. 

By Jason Wisniewski

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