Make fitness fun for kids!

5/19/2021 1 min read

How to make fitness fun for kids. 

Statistics show that 56% of kids are not engaged in regular exercise in Australia.

 The days of kids going outside to play seem to be considered more of a chore than a leisure activity.

It’s becoming a daily challenge to encourage kids to get outside kick the footy, shoot some hoops or ride a bike. To make a start, just remember to keep it simple and have fun. Find something that interests your children. Do they like Marvel or Minecraft? Create a quick obstacle course and make it superhero/Minecraft themed. Get the kids to get their iPads and put them to good use. They can record themselves or you could use a timer and challenge them to beat their previous times. This makes the exercise relatable and the child is more likely to engage.

For kids development it’s important to include the below movements;



Pushing & pulling



You will find most of these movements are already in your common sports. 

So just remember, if you want your kids to get out and start being more active, the best way is not to over complicate any activity.

Keep it simple, have fun but also be passionate about it yourself.

Get out there with your kids and have fun!

Vana Care

South Australia