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Support Workers

Our next generation of support workers are here. Our team have a passion to help the people we work with live their best lives. Our team are driven to get the people we work with as active as possible and participating in the community or having a positive in home experience.

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Connecting you to community based activities

We provide personalised support with all community based activities. This can range from swimming to golf, football or even laser tag. Let us know what motivates you to get up and active in your community.

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One on one personal training

Our specialised personal trainers will provide one on one support in an environment that best suits your needs. This may be at your home, local park or fitness club.  We will help you on your journey to an improved healthier version of you. Vana Care will see you living a healthier life in a fun and safe environment.

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Teaching functional life skills

Our therapy team will work closely with you to set achievable goals in various areas of your life. This may include improving communication, social, self-care or daily living skills. We can even help you get back into the workforce by coaching you with necessary employment skills. If that's not for you, we can customize your goals to include something fun, like improving your golf game, Vana Care is here for you. 

We can provide additional support to families and caregivers to understand and help individuals living with a disability. 

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