Live your way with SA’s

best supported independent living provider

Live where, how and with who you like, with a little help from us.

So you can feel free to be you and…

Shop, cook and eat what you like.

Have friends over or host your family.

Go out when you like or chill in your PJs all day.

Vana Care founder Jesse trout, with man in wheel chair at the snow.

Independence when you want it, support when you need it

The independence you crave is possible and we’re here to make it happen.

Wherever you call home, our experienced and active carers can help you 24/7 with tasks including:

Grocery shopping
Meal preparation
Personal care
Assistance with setting up and maintaining utilities
Getting to your appointments and meetings
Tidying your house
Administering medication
Promoting independence
Planning and travelling to social activities

It’s all about building your capacity to shape the lifestyle you want. That’s how we see disability supported independent living.


Want to ask anything about in-home support? We 💙 questions and we’d love to chat about how we can help you.