a more human approach to disability support

Looking for disability support services in Adelaide or South Australia? We’re here to make your life easier, brighter and a whole more comfortable.
We give human-first disability care that’s as natural as hanging out with a friend.
Where you’re seen, heard and understood.
Where you can be truly, unapologetically you.
Where you get active support with a carer who really wants to know you and help you connect with the world, your way.
Because you don’t belong in a box, so we’ll never put you in one. (They’re only for online shopping)



Find the support you need, fast. We can have one of our team by your side anywhere in SA within 48-72 hours. So you can do your thing in full confidence, building skills and breaking barriers.

Community Access

Gym, haircut, trip, we’ll get you out there, taking on the world.

In-home Support

Get up and go, with a hand for daily life admin and household tasks.

Support Coordination

Find the NDIS services you need to live more comfortably and kick goals.

Supported Independent Living

Live where, how and with who you like, with a little help from us.


Active support

Carers who bring energy, open ears and minds and someone you can really talk to.

Choose your carer

Team up with carers who have the same interests as you and who you like being around

More 👍 less 👎

Our yes game is strong. We’ll move mountains to make things possible.

Every disability, all over SA

Experienced crew to support you whatever your disability, wherever you live in SA.


Tyrone Van-BakelGoogle review
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The clients are amazing to work with, Vana make sure that the carers and clients bond really well before committing to set times. I really love working with Vana! Their support for their employees is honest and true, with a sense freedom as a company core value.
Catherine BarnesGoogle review
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The team at Vana Care are about building a connected, personable service for clients. Staff are carefully selected to ensure the best service is given to current and potential new clients. This assists with helping those living with a disability more integrated in to society and feel supported in what they want to achieve.
Ash McFarlaneGoogle review
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An incredible company that goes above and beyond for each one of their clients wants and needs to support them in living independently. Not only supporting their goals but also bringing joy and laughter into their lives. A truly rewarding experience to be apart of their team.

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Email: hola@vanacare.com.au